About Us

Exquisite Wallz and Design, started out as a hobby in 2009, as I was in the financial industry for 17 years prior to that. A friend of mine worked with an interior designer in Johannesburg and I was inspired by her work and pieces. Watching her inspired me to start having fun with what you do in life and giving others pleasure when the projects are completed.

A friend brought round a box of trims used for clothing and I started out building chandeliers with these trims, friends loved them and said they would sell. So then I created a website and the adventure began, and people started enquiring and buying my bespoke pieces for their homes.

Every single light chandelier is bespoke and handmade by myself and my team. I personally design them myself. Generally the client gives me an idea of what they are looking for. I consult on the space, and what would work for them, so they also have their imprint on the home spaces.

The Exquisite Wall studio is a small, very creative business, based in Blouberg in the Western Cape of South Africa, we started our in Natal and we were there for 7 years, but we work Nationwide as well as overseas.

The Exquisite Wallz and Design specializes in creating unique high-end quality handmade products, in particular chandeliers, using natural materials, and embellished with beads, crystals and other interesting pieces.

We not a big box retailer, we are unique and different to the industry and our relationship is personalised with the client we working with, making it a great experience. We have been commissioned by Boutique Hotels and high end clients in Zimbali and Mauritius.

Background has been financial since 1994, and 2009 I moved into the creative arena, I also have a diploma in Interior Decorating, and I am inspired by nature and colours and textures.

My vision for the business is still not to be a big box retail, but to stay unique to doing what we do best and that’s custom making light chandeliers, Interior Decorating and unique wall finishes. We certainly try and get help and empower the rural culture as they have amazing talent and expertise. I am motivated by life and its energies, I love people and seeing them satisfied after a project gives me the greatest joy of all.

Exquisite Wallz and design